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  • Ejector

    The Elevator@ Ejector & The Bungy Ejector

    New Attraction in Malaysia Taking You To The Next Level Of Excitement: A Maximum ejection height of 45 feet for the daredevils looking for an ultimate adrenaline rush
  • Zobing Ride

    Zorbing Ride

    You Get The Opportunity To Try To Walk, Run, Crawl or Just Sit In and Relax on Water.
  • Hydro Ride

    Down Orbing Wet@ Hydro Ride

    A wild ride with water rushing past you as you rotate through the water flying down a hill.

  • Hydro Ride

    Bumper Ball@ Orbing

    You Get To Wear An Orb Filled With Air Around You As A Protective Cushion And The Whole Purpose Of This Game Is To Knock Your Opponent Down Wth The Orb You Have Put On.

  • Hamster Roll

    Hamster Roll Orbing

    1 or 2 Riders Are Inside The Orb And Are Free to Walk, Run, Roll And Tumble On Flat Terrain

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